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I absolutely love Leah, but, if there was a chance she could have harmed someone................
Well shit, if you put it that way, they should have fined her a 100K. Any time you're not sitting on your couch at home there is a chance to be harmed by someone else.

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drivers like Leah, who have no family ties to the car owner and are not independently wealthy individuals, need to be very careful, regarding their off track behavior as they do not have as long a leash, as a lot of the other big team drivers who either own the car or related to the car owner
if NHRA put out a memo like they did with DSR's fine for carrying their own nitro, the others could learn from the situation.

I once got 3 tickets in a week in the mail from a red light camera (now gone) fining me $80 each for not stopping long enough for a right turn on red.
How the hell was I supposed to correct my mistake after the first infraction when the fine arrives so long after the incident? Of course they just wanted fine money to pile up.


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Am I missing something here? She was driving into the entrance of Gainsville Dragway at a high rate of speed. Do we want to know what color dress she was wearing?

She was driving fast in her rental car.... do you think a 10K fine was appropriate?
OK, now I'm calling BS on this story. Because unless her rental car was a Hellcat, everything I've rented lately can't get out of it's own way :D


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I certain that it was made perfectly clear to her. Why exacerbate the situation?
How will the situation be made worse by wanting to know what happened?
Are we to never question NHRA?
Where else in this country will you get a $10k fine just for speeding?