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Corradi to JFR


I'm assuming that you read the other thread. I have no idea what Lynn is talking about but the new win light idea has NOTHING to do with politics at all. Just acknowledging the better run. In Qualifying that's the Low E.T. .
Who the hell knows what I was talking about haha. This was a while back, I don't visit the mater as much as I used to.
As I recall, Zippy left DSR and went to JFR because he had an opportunity to drive. Now that is not the case, so I wonder if Zippy will get a chance to drive at DSR? Maybe even making test hits just to keep the license active? Or since the chance to drive is presumably off the table, does it just come down to dollars to be a crew chief and who pays the most?
I will say that Zippy was the man on race day. First race tuning a top fuel dragster for the flagship DSR team no less, and they go to the final round!