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Corradi to JFR


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whatever happens this off season, i hope stringer racing stays status quo. i enjoy watching clay run those low e.t.'s with
only a couple others coming close. hang onto that setup secret as long as possible. don't go anywhere grubby.


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Mike Green's re-assignment sort of reminds me of the Kalitta/Grubnic situation a few years back. Grubby did not stay their long
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I like Zippy, but he really hasn’t had a lot of success since Force’s championship, maybe it’s because he’s been spread too thin? I hope he does well wherever he goes, good guy!
When Force lost Castrol and Ford, Neff was bacially tuning all the cars. Sometimes a little change is good.
As a JFR fan it was probably time for Neff and JFR to separate 10 years is a long time with one team. A fresh start is probably just what he wanted. Hope the best for him.