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New Rules Pertaining to Crossing the Center Line


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Rule will cause more driver's than John Force to lift before the 1000 ft to make sure they maintain lane integrity to 1320 ft.


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The last part is the dumb part.........Crossing the centerline on a burnout will not be a DQ. Stupid is as stupid does
That part was probably added just for fuel altereds. Lol.

The Winged Express "passing burnout" in Bakersfield a few years ago comes to mind.



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I don't know that crossing the centerline on a burnout has ever been a DQ. I don't think that is anything new.
I agree with this. Harry Scribner spun out in front of Larry Morgan during qualifying in Dallas in 1997 and still backed up and made the run.


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If I recall listening to Alan when we were racing Brainerd last year, I think one of the Pro Stock guys crossed the centerline on the burnout ... well when all of the smoke cleared his car was across the centerline, during the burnout I don't recall anyone being able to actually see the car (or the driver actually being able to tell where he was).
it's like banning assault rifles....it does nothing to address the body-shedding explosions we have seen lately. Just give them penalties....that'll fix it!

If the NHRA needs a cheaper source of foam rubber blocks to keep costs down, come see me... I use high resiliency #2800 series in car seating, we can switch to a less expensive #1800 foam (unless polyurethane is known to the state of California to be carcinogenic....)


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Unless I’m mistaken, and it wouldn’t be the first time, Force crosses the centerline just beyond 1,320 against Lindberg, so this rule would have had absolutely no bearing on the latest incident.

Also, I can say from experience that cleaning up all foam fragments off a sticky racing surface is a gigantic pain in the butt.


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If the racers are getting penalized and fined for explosions, wrecks, crossing the center line, then when do they get to charge NHRA for the promotional videos used of their "incidents"??


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I can't believe the NHRA changed rules that could negatively affect John Force. The header angle rule was changed basically for him so he could keep it in his lane. TJjr. was right on that too.

I also have never understood the center-line rule that you can be DQ'd for hitting a cone but not crossing the line, but are fine with 2 or 3 feet of the car over the line as long as the tire doesn't go completely over the line. Make it consistent: anything goes over the line and it's a DQ.
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26 years ago this coming race, first car over 300mph to the 1/4. now cars are doing that in the 1/8.......you think some racers mite hit the wall?, cross the centerline?, hit their opponent and/or their wall too?......ummm, yeah, it's gonna' happen. ch*ts gonna' blow up, oil is going to go everywhere, parts will fly thru the air, foam blocks will need to be cleaned up......same width track. cars same speed in half the distance. something's got to give......so i'm not really up on round points. does a win with a centerline cross between 1000' and 1320' (deduct 5, 10, or 15 points) still net more points than lifting and losing the round?.....the centerline should be considered a wall. all the way to 1320'. touch it and you're done. period. you get no time if in Q. you lose on sunday.