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That rumor didn't sound like it was referring to Prock, to me it sounded like someone who's been away for a bit.


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I now re-read it (I may have just returned home from a night out last night when I posted this) and it does read like it's the same person. A championship winning crew chief and a Rookie of the Year (assuming that's the award, I can't think of many others)...... the only one to do that is Neff.


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My only complaint with Neff is that he would not really be returning to the "show" as the article suggests. Yes, as a driver he would be returning, but not in general.

I still think it is a pair. Prock and Tobler are the only two I can think of without resurecting someone from the dead or having the people be 80 years old. Plus, aren't the Procks and Toblers pretty good friends?


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I think there are two ways to interpret the wording. The original way I read it was that someone who was both an award winning driver and champion crew chief was returning and the only one I could think of that matched both of those descriptions was Mike Neff. You could also read that as an award winning driver paired with a championship crew chief are both returning which would describe Austin Prock & Rahn Tobler.

One random thought and a huge twist, Didnt Capps mention something about a second team or hinted at a second team? Could Zippy run a second car at RCM and drive and tune?


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Dave didn't win rookie of the year.
While I don’t know of any other awards for drivers, it doesn’t say rookie or the year. Being Austin Prock is already on the entry list for 2022 so that wouldn’t be a rumor either.
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