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i think the title of the article is mis-typed.......nhra dodge program to have a mopar connection..... article actually states 'to have nascar connection'.
sounds like some good news anyways.

Bobby Bennett

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It was a mistake on my behalf. Too many hours, and not enough of them spent sleeping. Sorry folks



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Dodge/Mopar is not in NASCAR.

Sounds more like a drag racing team will have a connection with a stock car racing team.

PS these links have existed for a long time in some way or another. Reher-Morrison built cylinder heads and intakes for Beadle's NASCAR team and eventually Hendrick before they brought their engines in house. WJ has done engine development for GM and Richard Childress for YEARS, up to and including the recent fuel injection conversion in NASCAR. Jason Line was an engine builder for Gibbs, and if Line decided he wanted to go back to NASCAR, there would be a line outside his door to procure his services.
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