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Sorry...I had to throw this in......



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NBC News did a feature on In n Out moving into Tennessee and a brief talk from the boss lady


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In N Out Burgers are great but the fries are garbage. Everywhere else has better fries. Five Guys is great but you need to take out a loan to eat there. Shake Shack is decent but also on the expensive side. Habit is good but you gotta love Cook Out. Never had it before last year in Charlotte. They were the only ones open late at night and ate there a couple more times.


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There is a small burger joint a few miles from my house of which I would put their burgers up against anybody’s.
I’ve had In N Out and Whataburger. But, I prefer our hometown burgers.
Plus, the lady who runs it is really good looking.


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Chris, get your IN and OUT fries well done and I think you might rethink this...
I’ve ordered them that way and there was very little difference or they weren’t don’t that way. Animal style is the only way they are edible. What I don’t understand is they are literally sliced in store as they are making them. McDonalds still has great fries but I don’t like anything else there.


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This Santa Barbara County beach campground is by far the best burger I've ever had.



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You remember that Soylent Green was set in the year 2022, don’t you? 😳
Think about that when they introduce a new restaurant to the chicken sandwich wars…..
In the movie (made in 1973), Charlton Heston has it figured out in the end. He yells "Soylent Green is people!" If you've never seen the movie, look for the green crackers.....


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Who's got the best burger arguments are pointless. It's apples and oranges so to speak. In n Out expanding is a good thing. In business, if you're not growing, you're dying. I really hope to see In n Out on the side of a Fuel car again sometime soon!!
But I wholeheartedly agree that 5 Guys is too damn expensive!!


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i like when certain brands are regional.......coors used to be. yuengling beer is. best wishes to in-n-out, but i like the idea of having to be in a certain region to enjoy something.
I had never heard of Yuengling until I worked in Richmond many years ago. They expanded to Texas last summer, and it's now in every single store that you walk in to. Billboards on the highways, etc. It's amazing how they blitzed it. Really great beer by the way.
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