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Erica can earn enough qualifying points and have her teammates keep the others from earning any and go into raceday only having to battle Jeg. I hope she has to race Greg round one and he wins, but the only one it would benefit is Jeg. But there are still 2 sessions left and the order can change. Right now Hight would race Beckman in round one and Steve Torrence could race Brittany in round 2. I bet by the end of today it is all switched up.


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sandbagging? it's the nature of the beast. greg knows any long shot is round 1 matchup against erica.......it gives erica something to talk about.
win or lose, i bet if she asks greg nicely sunday evening, he'd let her take her own picture in front of his trailer.....again 😄:rolleyes:


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By the way... Greg's 4 RT's in qualifying - Q1 - .000, Q2 - .004, Q3 - .037, Q4 - -.003. Then Erica's Q1 - .042, Q2 - .038, Q3 - .026, Q4 - .001.

Erica has gotten steadily quicker.. is it her turn to red light? Greg has hovered around perfect with one perfect, but did have .003 to the bad side.. Did he get his redlight out of the way?

If Greg learned anything from WJ, it should be go up there to round 1 with the motor ice cold. ;) 😂 😂
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