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quarter pounder would have been a great name on the side of those mcd's FC's in the 90's


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Well, you can kiss my rear. :)

Not sure what you are implying, because you sure were NOT right.


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.......IMO same reason alan johnson never really had any success with his toyota FC. first w/scelzi (white cap), then sarver (emoola)......and also IMO maybe some of the same reasons
jfr ran out of positions for schaffer. he was trained on a FC. when courtney decided not to race this year, suddenly john had two great tuners for two FC's and grubnic for brit's TF'r. didn't really have
a 'TF guy' to tune austin's TF'r.......jmho.....i agree with kevin cook. this seems to be a trade that could immediately benefit both teams.

Jon was a TF car chief before FC
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