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Prayers for Randy

Wow. Thank you, everyone. We've kept this low key but it's reached a point where I'm comfortable sharing it. She is my best friend and my heart is broken. I have several friends who have lost their struggle to this horrible disease but I never new the magnitude of hurt that comes with it for those left behind. It's beyond bearable watching my beautiful wife ravaged by this.
Really sad to hear this news Randy...I saw my next door neighbor go through the same situation... she had a brain tumor.
Gather friends and family around you and know we are all with you and your family too.


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Unfortunately we just put my wife on hospice care as she is in the process of losing her life to cancer unless God intervenes. She actually encouraged me to buy it, saying it would be helpful for me to have a hobby to land on when that day comes. And it appears to be near. She knows me very well. :(
Just an update for anyone following this. My wife passed away yesterday morning at 1:30 am. Even though I knew it was coming I am over the top with grief now. I could use some prayers.

This was taken two months after we got married in 1984.

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Randy, though I have never met you or your wife I have a great deal of respect for you and what you have accomplished in our sport. I am truly sorry for your loss of your partner in life. We can all say we know how you feel as many of us have been through this but the pain is so personal and sharp that we cannot feel what you are feeling. In the end, you will forever remember all of the positive years and experiences the two of you had and that will be with you forever. My thoughts are with you.

I just read this about your wife. She sounds like she was a very cool person. That is a really tough thing for everyone involved. My thoughts are with you and your family.
I can't imagine what you two must've went through these past months. You are a lucky person to have had someone like that in your life and I'll be praying for you both.