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NHRA will allow any engine in any chassis for 2018


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somebody in this thread commented about nhra not caring about pro stock, which based on nhra's orginal decision to
shorten the PS season, is most likely true......it seems like (3) gm engine builders have convinced nhra that they can attract
enough competitors to maintain status quo. i hope these (3) teams have looked at competitive fee schedules for engine leasing.
regardless of body type, they are fighting for car count in the only pro door slammer class nhra has. a class featured at
24 national events and on FS1......there is nothing stock about it and hasn't been for many years....the johnsons were the last to 'win it all' with power other than gm. no one else has been close for years; and the johnson's spent a fortune for their single championship......there are not too many out there that want to jump into this class and spend a fortune against ken black, the grays, and elite.......i'm hopeful these 3 teams have a good plan and the class can become interesting again. the future of the class is on their backs.....mike miller: i love that tune by willie nelson
The "Stock" designation needs to be removed from this new aberration of P/S . Super stock requires same engine as body manufacturer, as does Stock.

Part of what kept fans interested in P/S over the fuel classes was the fight between the manufacturers and engine builders finding that combination that wins. Bob Glidden switching from Ford to Mopar and back because it's what he found to work. Now, rental engines have ruined that aspect of the sport.

When I see Ron Capps or Matt Hagen run, I don't go "Wow! That's my Mopar!"...I support Force no matter what the jellybean body is supposed to look like. When he "developed" the Ford Boss 500 engine,I said that's not a Ford, you're not fooling anyone. It's a nitro engine made from billet, based on engine architecture from the Chrysler Hemi. It's the heart of the racecar I follow. Being a Mopar guy I like the fuel classes and don't care what body they run.

Streetrodder Magazine used to feature only cars from 1948- back. That's the definition of a street rod. As they try to stay afloat in the magazine business, they watered down a long standing tradition by allowing newer cars.
This is the same path the NHRA is taking. Kill everything that has been done before just to keep it afloat. Instead of teaching the new fan why it's important the way it was, just cater to them and dangle the shiny object in front (hopefully they'll look up from their iPhones) and take their money. Screw the longtime fan that got the series to where it's at.

I say kill the class and keep the history. I'm tired of asterisks in my record books. Run Pro Mod or the factory drag pack cars.

Again, congrats to Bo Butner, the last real P/S Champion.


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So all 20 GM teams wanted it, 3 Mopar teams said no and the non existent Ford teams voted how?.............
No one is forcing anyone to have a transgender PS car. Want to keep flogging what you have fine. I'm guessing the challenge is more about making the perfect run for these guys than making the perfect "insert brand of motor here." run. Kramer is on Comp Plus and sounds like he is all for it. Yes he is going to switch to a Camaro because the "Chrysler" isn't competitive any longer. Maybe he will save a 150K and just swap motors now. I'm sure most of the other Camaro teams like the idea as they all lease engines and maybe there will be some more knocks on their door for the rent to play option. What will Westcott do? And did he have a vote? I have no idea. Hopefully he still wants to race as I like seeing the Mustang bodied cars out there. My last TAFC was a Mustang. although it was hemi powered.


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If some racers do put together different engine/body combinations, the top end interviews should be interesting.

If a Chevy engine/body car is beat by a Dodge body/Chevy engine car the losing driver might just say, "My Chevy was beat by another Chevy". Or, "Hey Mr. announcer, you do know that the car that beat me has a Chevy engine, don't you? In fact, he rented it from me."

I cannot see Dodge or Ford giving any money to a PS racer to run a Chevy engine in their car. What's there to gain? How could they use that for advertising?

So now, what would really win the race? The body make or engine make?

First the countdown, then this. What's next? Throttle stops on nitro cars?


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After giving this idea some more thought I guess the N.H.R.A. had to try something and just maybe by letting them run any engine in any car it almost sounds like the day's of run what you brung.

Let's see what happens next and I must admit I am hoping that maybe it just might work.

Jim Hill
This just in-
KB Racing announced that they found the Dodge Dart to be a better package in which to run their GM motors.
GM retaliated by pulling all sponsorship from the team and from the NHRA........

Elsewhere, NASCAR officials sat laughing with their beers, remarking that "at least we got Toyota to run Toyota motors in their cars..."


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That is what NHRA is saying YOU just have to develop it and submit it for approval by NHRA, then when NHRA says NO you get to start all over. NHRA declined the Challenger submitted by MOPAR so along comes the Dart 4 door FWD wonder

GM Camaro
Ford Mustang
Dodge Challenger- DECLINED
Wrong! They submitted a body design for the Challenger to make the shoebox aerodynamic equal to the Camaro. AJ admitted too many changes would have to be done to make it competitive. You can look at the Dart and see its hundred times more aerodynamic than the Challenger anyone can see that.


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This just in-
KB Racing announced that they found the Dodge Dart to be a better package in which to run their GM motors.
GM retaliated by pulling all sponsorship from the team and from the NHRA........

Elsewhere, NASCAR officials sat laughing with their beers, remarking that "at least we got Toyota to run Toyota motors in their cars..."

LOL pulling what sponsorship from what team? You're having a laugh.
Yeah, they did such a good job with the weight breaks in the ‘70s into the early ‘80s. (Please note, heavy sarcasm)
They killed the Hemis with those.
“If you can’t beat them, ban them!”
.C'mon, Ted. Seriously, man, we're knocking on the door of that being 50 years ago. Did that kill the HEMI? Absolutely. Would they have been factored out through attrition a few years later anyway? Absolutely. When the GM guys figured out how to build serious cylinder pressure, the naturally aspirated HEMI was gonna be on its way out the door anyway. Ask Bob Glidden.

If we're going to factor the cars again, then that's the time to move towards the killer stuff the manufacturers are putting out right now with their various combinations and NOT with the current platform. The NHRA has come a long way in handling that sort of thing, and the success of TAD, Pro Mod and PSM (with the exception of the Harley debacle) illustrate that pretty well. A handful of different combinations that have decent parity for the most part. Do they bitch and complain? Yep. But they keep showin' up. And they will do that with a TRUE factory hot rod class as well.

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