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I believe it was when I was at '78 Winter Nations there was snow and it was moved back a week. But that was 40+ years ago and my memory is iffy. lol



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Yep, there was snow at Pomona that year. Really rare in SoCal. When I was a kid, we lived in Roscoe, Calif. What? Yeah, what is now the San Fernando valley, & it snowed one year, enough to make a snowman. It does snow here in Phoenix once in a blue moon, lasts 15 min & that's it. If you want snow in Arizona, go to Flagstaff & you get plenty. BTW, I am banned from wearing shorts because my ugly white legs blind people. :)
BTW, I am banned from wearing shorts because my ugly white legs blind people. :)
some comedian once said the typical American male over 45 has no right taking off his shirt or wearing shorts in public ~:)~

I figured out why these crew chiefs change teams....make sure you never let your crew chief consume any food BBQ'ed by an opposing team's chef no matter how friendly they are.....you may lose him
Camel was wholly owned by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Same company as Winston. Marlboro however would not have been allowed to sponsor a car.

Series title sponsorship comes with unique privileges that go beyond "Official Partners"

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification Alan. Keep up the good work.
what happens when Traxxas wants to sponsor somebody and the NHRA says "Hey, what about that deal you had with Larry Dixon's 2 man TF?....The one we banned?"
I thought they banned Larry. Not Traxxas. So why would it matter if Traxxas wanted to sponsor someone? They didn't get banned AFAIK. Dixon did.

The NHRA imposed an indefinite suspension of competition privileges against Larry Dixon for violating NHRA rules, particularly Section 1.3.1 Participant Conduct and 1.6.3 Chassis Inspection of the 2017 NHRA Rulebook. NHRA Tech Department discovered the use of a NHRA chassis tag on an unauthorized and unapproved two seat dragster
“Any further incidents could result in further action. Larry can appeal the decision, per the 2017 NHRA Rulebook.”
Doesn't say anything about Traxxas not competing or not being allowed to sponsor anyone.
Tobacco products were banned from any type of media advertising by the Federal Government.
From 1971, when they banned advertising of tobacco on TV to 1998, when they placed a ban on tobacco companies sponsoring sporting events, I'm sure tobacco companies sponsored multiple events. Or else they wouldn't have specifically banned sponsorship of sporting events by tobacco companies 27 years later. No?
Dragracingonline said tony shu does not have sponsor yet and big don said he will not run car without full sponsorship. Maybe neff will move over to antron

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