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i think it's great that there are a handful of turn-key operations in the fuel ranks for someone to get started. you don't own, and the owner makes a few bucks.
hopefully easy on parts and it's a win/win


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Jeff has been running his own A/fuel car for 6-7 years now. He has been licenced for TF for a number of years, mostly match racing. They did go a couple rounds in A/Fuel @ Norwalk, also had a RU finish at the regional Norwalk race. This will be his National Event debut in a TF car. Good luck Jeff!!!


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It’s good to see you on the entry list Cameron.
Thank you! Just doing my best to stay on those entry lists any way I can.... Always grateful to the Patons, Haddocks, and all the rest of the teams that believe in this little guy trying to make somthin out of this drag racing world we love so much... That full time ride will happen one of these days so doing my best to stay ready if I ever get that chance.


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Jeff Chatterson A/Fuel car at recent Div 1 regional, New England Dragway, Epping NH.
Jeff Chatterson 2022 LODRS.png


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I believe he ran a 3.80-something at 321mph in R1 today - a losing effort but at least he kept somebody honest.
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