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And you’re qualified to say that how? MCSA, MCSE , CCNA
Well, if you’re going to throw qualifications out there, where’s your CCIE? Lol, I don’t have one, in fact I have no certifications. The little networking stuff I’ve done definitely makes me not want to be a router jockey.


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This has been a constant problem since the beginning of the year commented on by a whole lot of people besides me. My last post said Denver was better. Hopefully they are getting a handle on it. In fact if you remember they actually apologized for their problems a couple of months ago, but have said nothing since. I’m happy you don’t have this issue but I assure you I’m not the only one. If I had a 29.00 router and a 50 meg feed maybe it’s on my end. But that is absolutely not the case. I don’t have CCIE because I’m retired. But I assure you CCNA was the toughest test I ever took.

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