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I agree. I walked away and came back expecting to watch the winners circle, only to see they had signed off.
this is what they do every race this year last year they went up to the winners circle and it was cool to see that idk whats changed except the cost of the service
which is ok but i think they should show the entire race not cut it off when they feel like it yesterday was a milestone with Force winning then jumping over the fence etc
i can relate if it was free u get what they give u but this is a $120 for the year so not even going to the audio / video issues what is the reason for cutting it off ? can we
get an answer please ?


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Friday was unwatchable on Roku, but on the chromecast from the laptop pretty good. Saturday was better. Sunday was almost perfect on Roku.
I paid 5 bucks for the Seattle weekend on NHRA TV. So did you if you subscribed.
Even with the glitches, I saw what, 16, 18 hours of drag racing? In my living room. On a 65 inch screen. With cold beer from my fridge.
I think it's 5 bucks well spent. I hope it gets more reliable, it is frustrating when it's not perfect. But it's 5 bucks!

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