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I know this is a nitro site, but Bruno helps with the PS coverage, given his background in comp and stock. I'll admit to being bias since I know both he and his dad and both are quite bright, smart racers, and good people. I think all of the on camera FS talent is good (glad to see more than just one woman) and I like how they've worked some sportsmen coverage into the pro show.


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The problem is, as I understand it, he's still an active racer. Plus, he's got Garage Squad and Truck U. That, along with a wife and 2 sons. He's got a full plate and probably doesn't want to do a full pull.

I do think he does a very good job, is good in front of the camera, and obviously knows his stuff.
bruno is a great addition to the team. Jamie is also vey good. And amanda has improved tremendously this yr.
in general the broadcast was a vast improvement from last yr


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i just wish he would stop doing spots on pro stock and fuel injection..... WE KNOW they went to fuel injection 2 years ago.... stop beating that horse every race
Bruno is an excellent reporter and fits right in with the other great (and knowledgeable) reporters that roam the pits. I think we are lucky to have a Sport that does such a great job on reporting the unseen aspects of what the racers are contending with.
Bruno is a breath of fresh air in the booth. I'm wondering if they are gonna ditch Dave or Tony and use him as a replacement or do what most other sports broadcasts do and have 3 or more in the booth to commentate a better show? Since we aren't gonna see Mike Dunn or Bob Frey again, maybe grab Alan and Bruno to do the whole show because between the 2 of them, Their knowledge surpasses what Dave and Tony have.