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Mike, I saw Joe Amato at (then) Firebird making a bunch of runs with ground effects on the car. He tried small wings, etc. but the scariest was a run with NO wing. Car actually hooked up, didn't smoke the tires, ran a low 5 (which amazed us), but lets just say it was a scary run. It was the last time they did that. Also, NHRA had (has?) a rule that says the wing had to be set at whatever angel & could not be manipulated by the driver or electronically as the car made the run. Same w/ the body of the car, could not be lowered as the car made the run. Not sure how this would apply to P/M. I like the idea of a solid mounted rear end (altho I'm told the shocks can be set to mimic a solid mount) and wish they would add, say, 12" to the wheelbase.

Luke Nieuwhof

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It seems like downforce is the most obvious answer. The cars are too fast now not to have some kind of mandated downforce, it seems like the teams need to be saved from themselves. Stevie Jackson is a hugely talented driver, and for even him to be struggling should be a sign.


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What about changing the locations of the chute packs? Maybe angle them out the rear corners of the cars, instead of under the rear spoiler. The pilot chute would have a better chance of entering the air stream.
When a racer hits the chute lever he/she needs to know the chute will blossom as intended, not get sucked up under the wheelie bars.
Stronger springs or air is way solve it theres a lot dowjforce under wing


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After watching all the Pro Mod crashes over the weekend I think that it is the most dangerous class currently in the sport. High horsepower in a short wheelbase with a suspended rear suspension is a recipe for disaster. The early Funny Cars ran a suspended rear end and had a lot of problems until they went to a solid mounted rear end and I think that the Pro Mods should do the same.

Any thoughts?

It might be a silly question, but can you explain to me why a solid mounted rear end would be better? I would think that a suspended rear end would be more forgiving.
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