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The good old days when Worsham, AJ, Lucas, DSR, Scott Palmer all had parties on Sunday night. Worsham usually had a band and brought the nitro engine margarita mixer, Lucas had a band and the In-N-Out Burger trailer, DSR had a band and a really nice dinner "invitation only", Scott Palmer brought the more up to date nitro engine margarita mixer. I may have forgot some... but those were some really good times.
I caught a little bit of Del's party after he won the funny car title, even got to smoke a cigar with Chuck. Palmer had one a few years ago that was pretty wild. I think the statue of limitations are over so I can tell the story. He had Studezilla on display and as they were getting ready to load it on the trailer it came in, they decided to fire it up. So they rolled it over to the pit and fired it up. About 30 minutes later they fired it up again this time pretty well after curfew. About 30 minutes after that they were getting ready to fire it up again when a fairplex security guard came hauling ass in a golf cart and started hollering at everyone. He then got in Rick Ducusin's face and tried to rip the starter out of his hands. I honestly thought a fight might break out. Well the security guard left in a huff and about 20 mins later a La Verne police car showed up and two officers got out. I honestly thought someone might end up in handcuffs but within 45 seconds Scott had them laughing and chatted with them for a little while. The funniest part of the whole conversation was when Scott asked them why they stopped by.

Scott: Why did you guys stop by?
Officers: We got a noise complaint and have to enforce the curfew
Scott: Did you guys hear Studezilla fire up?
Officers: We did not
Scott: Do you want to hear it fire up?

It was still nowhere near as insane as the party that happened after Scott went to the finals here in Phoenix.

Palmer Party 2.jpg

Palmer Party.jpg
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