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My Talk With Tony Stewart (1 Viewer)

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Last Friday night at the track I announce at, The Talladega Short Track, we had a 2-night,multiple division show featuring the USCS Sprint Cars. On Friday I had a chance to talk to Tony about his Drag Racing exploits.

He is, as of now unsure of how, when, what the future lies for him. He is a busy guy. Owning part of the Stewart/Haas Nascar team, owner of Eldora Speedway, owner of the All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Car Series, and starting up the SRX deal. As we talked about the 1/4mile sport I love, told him some stories from the Lions, Orange County, Irwindale, and Pomona days, he was truly interested.

He did say that the passes he made in the dragster were bad a$$ and then some, he said time will tell.

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