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As a 20+ year veteran Commentator and host, I can talk with some authority on why the announcers talk right up until the green:

1. They are setting the scene for non die-hards. Remember, although you are watching you are not necessarily the target audience. The music... well I can take it or leave it BUT I will say that silence is always your enemy in broadcasting. Cars idling up to the start line doesn't count as "action" unfortunately.

2. A usual request from directors these days is to "re-set" ; i.e. give the editors a clean edit point to snip either a social clip, a news story or if there is a post show produced show made from the live commentary. The simplest way to do this is to re-set as the cars are staging , for example " championship Doug Kalitta in the left lane, with the rookie Tony Stewart in the right". The re-set is before that sentence and allows them to utilize the clip with the commentary with the shortest lead in - key for social media and news clips.

3. Directors are almost certainly in the announcers ears as they are talking on mic, feeding them info can include anything from the graphics that are on screen and to cover it, to what will happen post run (from a broadcast perspective) such as a Commercial break, Top End Interview, Start line interview, pre-recorded package or anything in between. If you have to stop talking to listen to instructions, from a broadcast perspective, then you are dead in the water as a professional host.

4. Hindsight is always a really handy tool when announcing; but you never have it when you need it.

Brian Lohnes is a FANTASTIC host. he has the voice, the knowledge and the charisma to bring it all together. TP has definitely improved since he began. Unfortunately there is no substitute for experience in this area. you have to make the mistakes to learn what NOT to do.

Would be interested to hear Alan's take on this also
Announcers talking right up to the green light are like DJs who talk during the lead in to a song and quit yapping as soon as the lyrics start.
I’m still waiting for the announcers to clam up once the cars are preparing to stage.
Yesterday, while watching some qualifying, I cranked up my sound system so I could listen to the glorious sound of a running, blown fuel Hemi.
Lohnes and Pedregon absolutely would not shut up. I believe they compete with each other to see who can talk right up to the green light, just before the cars launch.
Then they start yapping again, before the race is over.
I watched three or four runs and ended up turning the TV off and going outside to work in our garden.
People want to say the likes of Big Mac and Evans talked just as much.
Sorry to any current announcers but Mac and Evans belong on a pedestal by themselves.
That's exactly why I pay 149.99 a year for Nhra.tv. Alan Reinhart!
Rusty Gregory just gave everyone in one post what a hundred grand would get pursuing a broadcast degree. More from the technical aspect, you can’t compare recording static nitro cars @ 6 gpm from 15’ away with YouTube’s compression applied to trying to get broadcast legal sound, LIVE, from 10 times as much fuel flow moving close to HALF the speed of sound. It’s no where near as easy as dome of you are thinking/saying it is. As for the choice of putting music over PS and PSM on the tv broadcast, it gives them more time to cover nitro classes. We’re lucky (honestly) to get ANY video coverage outside of NHRAtv. BL and TP may be boring for some, but for me, my run evaluation skill sucks, so I still get value from their talking, and it’s fun to (in good fun) to troll them win they make a flub. Live TV is no bitch, and producing after the fact ain’t much easier, turning 3 days of 10 plus hours of activity into 5 or less hours of TV. Now that they can pronounce Lagana’s name right and Mr. Evaristo doesn’t have knock heads for them calling his wife Salinas anymore, I got no real complaints
- the finish line camera is finally good again, like it was years ago
- a camera at 1000' for the nitro cars please
- would love to hear more short interviews with fans, especially kids
I dont know why they think we want to hear background music during qualfyimg highlights amd esp pro stock elim hightlights,please stop the music,we hate it.

The music at the event isn't much better. They set up right in front of us at Norwalk. Having to see them and also hear them is worse. Not impressed.
We are the minority. Only diehards hang around this site. At least 50% of the fans at the race don’t know who most of the racers are or much about what is going on. The track announcers job is to inform the crowd of what happened. At least once a day at an event I hear comments that make me laugh. Cruz was running in Chicago and someone said it was Courtney Force.. I usually don’t say anything because I enjoy the entertainment. As for the music and other stuff, it is there to keep people busy. Silence is generally boring. You have a 10 minute oildown I would rather listen to music or see something to entertain than nothing. Do you ever go to any other sporting event? At every timeout there is on court/field entertainment. It may be cheerleaders, mascot basketball, dogs catching frisbees, or fans from the crowd doing a contest.
I can definitely get on board with these thoughts.
there was gal spinning tunes @ bir last year


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- the finish line camera is finally good again, like it was years ago
- a camera at 1000' for the nitro cars please
- would love to hear more short interviews with fans, especially kids
They can invest in a high speed camera for the finish line. Trigger it off the finish line trap speed cone and have it run for 4 seconds or so. One camera that moves with the tour. If a cone can be removed and replaced for gas vs nitro, moving that camera should be the same.
That's the fake redhead I think that does all the shows with that carnival barker wannabe DJ. Having to hear them is bad enough but having to sit behind them and watch them "dance" is worse than getting nitro fumes in the eyes in the pits, lol.
My name is Hannah, if you'd like to insult me with something other than "fake redhead."
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