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is 4 wide reason for low attendance? (1 Viewer)


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We do have a replay screen, and show every run multiple times.

NASCAR puts 40 cars on tracks up to 2.66 miles long and people have figured out how to watch that.

I find 30 Sprint Cars on a half mile track very exciting, and I can watch that without any issues what so ever.

I finally attended the 4-wide this past weekend and it was the exact sensory overloaded experience I expected! But, now that I've done it, I don't need to do it again for my own reasons. I'll watch it on TV any day.

Luke Nieuwhof

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I also had my first four wide experience on the weekend.
Very different to normal. At first I didn't feel like I liked it, but it grew on me as the weekend went on. I think perhaps the unpredictability of the racing was what drew me in? Just because someone goes up in tyre smoke and one car races ahead doesn't mean that driver is necessarily out of the race and that kind of battle was cool to see.
Also kudos to zMAX/NHRA on the Friday night pyrotechnics. I'd love to see more of this and I feel bad for them that Friday's weather hurt the crowd numbers - I hope they keep it up.


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Just curious. Does the NHRA ever release the actual number of ticket holding patrons who walk thru the gates on a race weekend?


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outstanding work luke. thank you for sharing. your photo album is a perfect blend of man, machine, and the spectacle of being there.

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