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I would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dream homes at BIR I would never leave ever I would have the PA playing all around the house and I would buy me self a bad ass golf cart to go around, ps I would pick #1 also
If I ever get one you guys can come a hang out!
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jed and christy copham do not get enough credit for what they have done with BIR since buying facility in i think 2006? this facility is as busy as ever for a track
as far north as it is and the abbreviated season it has. there was a recent announcement by indy raceway park to focus on their oval track, as well as get a road course going
again that does not interfere with the dragstrip......look no further than BIR for that blueprint. many weekends every summer the road course and dragstrip are operating
simultaneously......and now this recent addition of private homes and racer garages is one more 'wow, i didn't see that coming'.....there are two homes that are somewhat angled towards drag strip and i believe are both sold.....they were both full of folks on the upper decks during the nationals......throw in the on-track condos that the colonel built (owner before cophams), the on-track camping; 300+ i think full hook-up reserved sites, the infamous zoo, huge sportsman pits, now with new paved roads for even more space. BIR is really a great facility......this year is the track's 50th anniversary


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panoramic shot from two months ago. the new development.....zoom and look to right of sunoco vision (that is now being repaired)


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there are two homes that are somewhat angled towards drag strip and i believe are both sold....
One is Jed's Dad's and one is Jed's Dad's Buddy's. If you have half a mil laying around, you could land one of these beauties.
BTW Mike, I haven't had this much fun at Nationals in probably a decade. I guess I learned I need to stick close to you. ha ha! Thanks!