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Big Top End Crash between John Force and Jonnie Lindberg


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Jonnie had no reason to be upset! What happened was beyond anyone's control. There isn't a driver on earth that could've prevented what happened after the explosion.
So in the heat of battle you get taken out by another car, not knowing all the facts your first reaction can't be being pissed? Please......... It's easy to second guess behind the keyboard after you have seen the replay 75 times.
A lot of the keyboard crew chiefs on the message board remind me of the two old guys from the Muppets that know it all and complain about everything. The latest is to "blame" or "Force was at fault" for the wreck "He should of shut it off." This was a racing incident.... Was it preventable? Sure it was... Shut off and idle down the lane. But this is Eliminations and a lot is on the line. If you go back and watch the race you will see that Lindberg had a pipe out as well. Did he shut off? Hell no this is eliminations this is where you earn your paycheck. This is a RACE...This is where you make the sponsors happy. This is where you make the crowd stand to their feet and say Holy S#*@ as two cars go thundering by at 300 mph. I would bet that over 50% of the Nitro cars that make a lap down the track have at least one pipe out. Afterwards Force said his crew chief had tried to remotely shut it down but the device failed. Force went straight down the track in his lane until the explosion and all hell broke out. Force admitted he was knocked out.. Hard to control when you're asleep. I can guarantee you the last thing he wanted to do was collect Lindberg.. Others say he should have known something was wrong because this has already happened to him once this year. Well it's just not a JFR thing. His have been the big booms but most of the Nitro teams have all had one go already this year. Tasca has lost two bodies already. Every one of the DSR FC teams has blown one up...Did Force have some problems last year? Some would say he did and jump on that bandwagon.. But this incident was nothing more than two drivers trying to win a race.. I'm not blowing the JFR horn I'm a Kalitta fan I know I'll get ripped on for the post but oh well as Forest Gump would said "That is all I have to say about that."

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Is there any chance that scuff was from something other than John's tire? Mark's pic here shows a view I hadn't seen until now with Jonnie's head quite far from John's slick...
amazing shot Mark!
There are more photos that clearly show the tire was right in there with Jonnie.


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I find it hard to believe that anyone CANNOT understand Jonnie's reaction in the immediate aftermath of that event. That was a very fast nd intense sequence of events to go thru and I'm betting that few if any on this board have ever gone through anything like it. Also concerned that the remote engine kill was reportedly activated but did not work. The reason for failure needs to be determined quickly.


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Nah that pic is deceiving, the shoulder hoop is up higher than the top of the slick.
Looking at Mark Rebilas' sequence of images from the wreck, Lindberg's car slammed the wall pretty hard with the right slick.


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Ive got the answer, Keep Mark Rebilas' away from the track. It's obviouse Mark knows ahead of time what's going to happen. How else does he get these incredible
photos. All joking aside didn't John say something about everybody (other teams ) is having trouble with the main studs ?