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Big Top End Crash between John Force and Jonnie Lindberg


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John Force is alert and responding to the Safety Safari. They are taking extra precautions on extracting him from the car. Will be transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.


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Am following the race on computer. First wondered if someone at fault. Then after seeing the video, realized it was the explosion that sent John into the other lane. I hope both drivers are OK. Just what everyone needs..... Safety Safari was there before they stopped. If I was in a crash, they are the first ones I'd wanna see.


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This is what I saw:

Force and Lindberg have each won once against the other in prior events.
Lindberg has a strong leave, but the tires come loose before the 330 lights. He does a quick pedal and tries to chase Force down.
Force was away first and pulling hard until right at the finish line, where the engine explodes and destroys the body. Huge pieces are flying in the air. The engine had started to drop cylinders right before that.
He works hard to keep the car straight, but it drifts across the track and hits the wall right in front of Lindberg.
Lindberg tries to get on by, but the rear end of Force's car is up in the air and the slick hits his windshield. They are still right together sliding down the track and the front of Forces car gets tangled in Lindberg's parachute. They fly across the lane together and hit the right wall again. The body comes off of Lindberg's car and they continue to slide together back across the tack and into the left lane. Both cars tag the wall before coming to a stop.
Lindberg is out of the car quickly and walks back into the pits. Lindberg didn't get a time, as "stuff" from Force's car body nailed the 1000 foot reflectors.
Force is conscious and alert, but will be transported to a local hospital, due to the severity of the impact.

1:46 p.m. John Force was charged with an oildown, #3 for the season. That will cost 15 points and $4K.
after watching the first couple rounds (and losing Pick The Winner with all the upsets) I would be seriously reconsidering going back to this POS track.....what a dangerous, rough, expensive weekend this is going to end up being for lots of teams...
The only great run was the two Torrences

(edit- and Courtney saving the day for Team Force and breaking her 43 race winless streak)
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I recorded the race and just saw the incident. A two car wreck makes me sick to my stomach, especially when it happens in the lights.
I hate seeing the safety equipment being tested but am thankful NHRA has such stringent standards.
Thank goodness both drivers survived relatively unscathed.