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TF had 12 regulars in '23, with shawn reed to announce for '24 very soon. no one else on horizon rite now for a 14th regular?
will austin prock have funding again for '24? i think the other regulars will all be back in '24?
salinas' daughter to make scrappers a two car team in '24? angelle in TAD next year still?

FC had 11 regulars in '23, with alexander at almost all, and haddock at quite a few. maybe lee, bode, and richards will show a little more in '24?
how many more years will wilk and john force drive?

i'd be surprised if there aren't a few short fields next year.
I saw on X (Twitter) from a knowledgeable source that Travis Shumake will be fulltime top fuel in 2024.
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