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Winternationals 90 mins of NHRA in 30 mins (1 Viewer)


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Well we cant do anything about the weather, sometimes it just falls all over us. But as for the 3 NHRA in 30 shows I just watched to fill in for what hasn't happened yet , I must say hats off to whoever picked them and put them on tonite . They were definitely fun to watch !! NHRATV is cool to have because not everyone can make it to the races each week but at least we can keep up with all the action as it happens and last year we could watch it happen over and over 10 times if we wanted . So far this year not so much .SOMEBODY PLEASE FIX THAT . Good Luck to everybody still racing Monday , does anyone know when the last time the Winternationals had to be completed on Monday? BE SAFE !! :)


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The shows tonight blew away what NASCAR does....90 minutes of walking the pits in the rain....doing interviews that offer very little in new content


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Note the day and time, I am going to give NHRA props. Their media people took a S*&^y deal with the weather and really did well. Their pit work was outstanding and the features FINALLY are drawing on the hugely rich and underexposed history of the sport we all love. Two thumbs up! Lohnes was very strong in his debut. (turn down the damn background music and let the guy be heard)
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