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I took two rides in a wheel stander one with Wild Bill down the return road at Lions in the passenger seat he had it straight up for a long time. one crazy dude. The other was the 1955 chev wagon at Irwindale we ran the full quarter an went 115 MPH it was a WOW ride.
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One of the great joys of being a Pomona/OCIR rat in the late 60's was seeing a constant stream of wheelstanders at the races. I saw the Nomad at Irwindale once and it was a beauty. Show me a real (sort of) car wheelstander any day. I am snobbish in that I think the tank and the stagecoach are abominations. How about a portajohn pump out truck wheelstander?

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Remember the Wheelstander Championships at O.C.I.R. in December? The best is the business were there.

One of my favorite nights ever was the night Poole and Golden had their feud go wild at Lions when it came to distance with Poole ending up launching his ride off the track.

I really like the Paddy Wagon.

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