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Top Fuel Harley Budget


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A used TFH can be bought for around $50,000. A new build around $150,000. I figure it costs about $500 a run to operate it., but I don't run mine as hard as some do. The majority of us don't have sponsors and run out of our own pocket.


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Julian what events will you run this year? Now that I see you post here I'll have to root for ya! BTW, if you ride your own bike, I just have to ask, what's wrong with you? :D


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Whenever I see a nitro harley, only one thought pops into my head ... NOPE. As the great Bob Frey once said, "I would not get out of the electric chair to get on one of those things".

I tip my cap to you Julian, and all of your competitors, you guys always put on a show.


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The class as a whole has gotten a whole lot more consistent this year, some really good races and a lot less breakage I've noticed. Definitely a great addition to race days.


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I think this class has become a great addition to the show. I believe in Phoenix, there were 20 entries! Now if NHRA would add say, a ten race schedule for Fuel Altereds...