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To bad they limit the entries in TD and TS to just 32 when overall car counts are way down.


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The Top Dragster winner James Warden is simply put - the story of the event. Dude had a major abdominal surgery a little more than a month ago and took home the Wally in a car won in a raffle at The Spring Fling Million in Vegas last year by his wife - who won another car that same weekend by beating him in the final round of the first race of the weekend - both driving "rental-cars" from Tom Bayer...


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36 TS cars and 48 TD cars at the Tucson Divisional race this weekend. 4 Comp cars. It’s obvious there are plenty of people wanting to run fast cars, but Comp is really suffering from the budgets required to compete. Randy Goodwin is running his TS car there, go get ‘em Randy!
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