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Smoke was my favorite NASCAR driver, I hope it's true.
Gosh, he could do so much for Drag Racing; bring in some of that "Big Show" money.

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He drove his butt off last night getting a hard-earned 4th place finish that Stenhouse won, only had a minute to talk to him as I was busy announcing and he was prepping his #14 Sprinter, huge pit, monster crowd as things in Alabama are very alive and kicking.

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Oh no; don’t tell me. Look at how the video is produced. Let me guess - Bravo or TLC here we come???? I hate reality TV shows.


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Thank you Tony! I wonder who holds NHRA TF number 14?

I did a quick search on draglist.com and the answer is:

"Shazam" Owned by Art Suiter from Chesapeake, Ohio USA

1979 - Category: TOPFUEL, Type: TN, Class: AA/FD, Div: 3
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