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Maybe you don't remember. If I remember ( that is a big if ). Ron O'Donnell ( you didn't even come close spelling his name right )
drove for Don in 1969. In the early 70s Don, Beadle, Kelly Brown and Bobby Rowe drove and maybe a couple of others when needed
to fill in. Don left the sport in 1974 after that years U.S. Nationals.

AA/FC 1969 Ron O'Donnell in the seat. State of the art ramp truck back then.

AA/FC 1972 Bobby Rowe in the seat

AA/FC Raymond Beadle in the seat. After this deal he would go on to partner with Harry Schmidt and the rest
is drag racing history.

AA/FC Kelly Brown in the seat of the ill handling at best, Vega body flopper.

AA/FC 1974 I believe this was Don's last flopper he drove. before calling it a day.
Well for the next 23 years and after that we know what happen.
I know posting about "About the good old days" and they were! On this thread
will piss people off, but just maybe you will learn something. Bin going since 1968.
Anytime Cliff, Mark and other old farts ( Sorry LOL ) post about the old days I learn
something new. It might come in handy for you younger fans when you are sitting
next to that old fart in the grandstands.
I think Tim Grose also drove one of the Stardust cars for a short time.


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Sometimes it was musical chairs over at Shoe's, but, Roland Leong still holds the record on the number of drivers of the Hawaiian Lol! Bet you can't name then all, I can't!
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