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next of kin

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I have really enjoyed your videos like no one else's Mc. You have a knack for capturing and editing a day like no one I have ever seen. It's awesome too see you working your butt off, and still capture everything you do.

Good luck in Vegas with your ride.

The music rocks and so do you!
I never miss an episode.



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what ray said. i have watched all your stuff. thank you for posting here on the mater. you are very talented and ambitious. continued success.


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Great job, interesting to get your perspective. You're going to love driving the nostalgia car. Saw it at Famoso Raceway and thought it was the best looking one out there.


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McKailen, I sent your dad some pics of the Sonoma banger. He said you may use them on your site(s). Did you ever get to use them?
Not looking for anything, I just enjoy sharing some good shots!
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