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At Topeka I was talking to one of the other Pro Stock drivers and he indicated he thought the big advantage KB has is the 60 foot times. They are way ahead of the field at 60 foot. He attributed a lot of this to their working with Mike Edwards last year and using the "Mike Edwards tuneup." When Mike was hot he was killer at 60 foot. The manifolds help too I am sure. I am a Greg/Jason fan so I'm glad to see them doing so well after getting smacked around by Elite the last couple of years.


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. . . I am a Greg/Jason fan so I'm glad to see them doing so well after getting smacked around by Elite the last couple of years.
When Greg Anderson started driving PS I wasn't a fan, at least in part to (my perception of) the way he "came off" in interviews. Perhaps it's just me maturing a bit, but it's my opinion that Elite Motorsports' and Erica's dominance for the past two years humbled Team Summit and they're better for it. I find myself cheering for their success at times because IMHO they seem to appreciate it more. But it has made the class somewhat boring this season.
At the end of last season, wasn't KB pulling back support and Jason was going to be parked? What did I miss on the $$ thing?

I remember it as, Jason wanted to spend more time on engine development and less driving. Greg said you are going to tune me at the track. Jason figured if I am going to be there tuning I might as well keep driving. Jason was looking for some time home on the weekend.
The ironic thing I remember about the end of last season is that of the racers complaining about the new rules package, he was one of the loudest.

Smoke screen.......I had spoken with Greg many times about how to lose the hood scoop for aero dynamics, about the time there were some ideas to try, NHRA announced fuel injection.
Smoke screen.......I had spoken with Greg many times about how to lose the hood scoop for aero dynamics, about the time there were some ideas to try, NHRA announced fuel injection.
Don't take this the wrong way, Ken, but it's easy to say, "smoke screen" now that they're kickin' everybody's ass. Bottom line, they were crying as loud as anybody last year, and had this season not turned out like it has so far, I'm sure they'd still be complaining.

Sean D


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Sunday marked the 32nd time there was an all Ken Black Racing Team final round. Flashback to Houston 2004 to the first time it happened and the first career Pro Stock final for rookie contender Jason Line. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
Ya know. It seemd to me that with all of the noise that had been made lately that the rest of the field "was starting to catch up to the KB team" it looked pretty much yesterday just like it did at the first of the season when no one could touch them.


Makes me wonder.

Knowing that they had the top two countdown positions locked up, and that the points were going to be reset anyway. That mayhaps a little experimentation was going on for a few races? Until yesterday???
don't think they would of experimented with Bo's car, as he is still winless, so in an effort to get Bo his first win, i'm guessing bo had the 'proven' setup in his car, the whole time!


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from start to finish, this team once again showed why they have worn #1 so often.
in the 'playoffs' they did not always Q #1, and they did not win all the races, but they started on top and finished on top.
congrats to the entire team and especially jason who will wear #1 on his car again in 2017. (3x)


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fifth winters title for jason.....incredible.....jason had erica covered by rite around 3hundtreths in 3 rnds. yesterday.
erica's average rt yesterday was .013; jason's .033.....first 18 races this year should be a little more interesting than last year.
The woman continues to amaze on the tree. You'd be hard pressed to program A computer that could launch a car better and more consistent. Greg and Jason are gonna consistently need 3 to 4 hundredths performance advantage to beat her and that's is probably not gonna happen very often this year.
This duo isn't killing Pro Stock. It's the other 14 teams in the field that aren't holding up their end of the bargain. I'd like for the field to catch up, but congrats on the success of KB Racing.
THE single best moment of the weekend for me on my personal motorsports docket!! Bob Utner has to relinquish his motor to Greg Anderson. Then Bob Utner takes Greg's former motor and pounds him. What a great moment for Bob Utner, even if he's not telling anyone about it. Phenomenal!! He slapped it on the multi-time Pro Stock Champ. Boom!!!!! He left Greg at the line like Mr. Anderson was on hold with the Summit phone operator when placing a part order!! Huge!!! What a day for Bob Utner!! ........ Scott Dixon's pass on Newgarden was pretty bad ass as well if you are wondering!!

Congrats Bo!

Bob K.

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Another great day for the Summit team. They are such an awesome team! I am not just a fan, I raced to 57 years off and on. I had won 77 class win trophies by the time I was 21 in 1964. Not bragging but I won one with my AA/FD the rest in stock, Super Stock, Modified Production and Gassers. They I was a crew guy for David Baca and gained a inside and out knowledge of what it takes to make those cars run. I took a lot of years off running my businesses and raising a family. I really like the Summit guys because like the greats of the past: Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson, Frankie Iaconio and a few others are the real "heros" of the sport. They develop their own engines and the set ups of the cars and know every single aspect of the cars. I love to see them beat Erica Enders although she is one of the best pure drivers in the histories class, she is just a driver. A great one. But she is not in the same league as the Gray's and the Elite guys and Greg and Jason. Can't leave out Chris Magaha who is another really smart guy. I am really also happy for Bo Butner. He compliments the team with his knowledge of tuning the fuel injection. And how about Jamie Lynn Shipp? She is a great driver and she is with him at his door every time he makes a run. I think she is super. Just some of my thoughts about the racers in Pro Stock. I would sure like to see Ford and Dodge step up with more funding so the class would survive. But with a cut back to 18 races, it could be in jeopardy like Competition Eliminator. I think the so called "Super Classes" have destroyed spectator appeal. I almost would rather see them replaced with Pro and Super Pro bracket cars. At least they race off the line and just play at the finish line. But is will never happen because of the money these damn electronics companies put into the sport.


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thanks bob, great post. great description of who's who and where their talents are in PS rite now......i can remember when jason
was working for gibbs, and i heard a very 'hush' rumor of a possible two car jason/greg KB racing.


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First of all, Greg didn't take Bo's engine and put it in his car. Even if he wanted to, it's not allowed under the rules.
Greg went 6.599 210.80 in the semis, Bo went 6.606 210.34 Why would Greg think Bo had the better engine? And we know what happened in the final, Bo picked up 5 thou, Greg a bit more than a hun. And Bo was 0.000

Oh, and the lady's name is Randi Lynn.