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Super Comp @ The Gators?? (1 Viewer)


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I am look for a little help here. My daughter has spring break next year the week of the Gator Nationals, I was trying to find out if they would be running Super Comp there next year but cannot find anything. This will be the first time she would be able to go so we have not been keeping up with national events just running divisionals. Ant help would be great.:):D


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Well, this isn't much help, but ...

They haven't published the 2009 Sportsman calendar yet, at least not on the web site. They eliminate each class every 5 years from every track. They ran S/C at the Gators this year, so that doesn't help (if they hadn't run, you'd know they would next year...). Odds are very good though, they run it at 20 of the 24 national events.

I bet a call to Bill Holt, the Div 2 Director would answer the question. His number is (352) 374-9922.


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SC should be running next year. My friend who normally runs SG is planning on running SC next year as SG is not being run.
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