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So is nitrous dead in Pro Mod? (1 Viewer)


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They tried that in the late 90's and early 00's on the Super Chevy Series. They were called Nitro Coupes and supposed to be limited to a very low percentage but some guys pushed the limits a bit trying to be the first door car in the 5's. Bill Kuhlman came close at Columbus going 6.000. But the fires were worse than nitro funny cars..



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ADRL in 2009 had a injected nitro car run a few races, damage on right side of car was from a firePICT6928.JPGPICT7005.JPG

Luke Nieuwhof

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That Kuhlmann fire is scary to watch. I’m not an expert by any means in fire and rescue but I believe safety teams’ priority is meant to be dowsing the area with the driver first? They seemed really underprepared for a fire of that intensity.

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