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RIP Dick LaHaie

I'm very saddened by this news. Dick will go down in history as one of the legends of the sport. He was one of the few tuners to win championships with multiple teams, his own, Kalitta and Snake. His legacy will never be forgotten. I'll never forget his motto: "low ET doesn't win races, consistency does." Dicko, you will be missed!!!
Myself also a (former) Michigander, I have so many memories of Dick LaHaie. Saw him many times running at Motor City Dragway. Then of course he became one of the most feared crew chiefs out there when he was tuning the American International Airways Top Fueler for Scott Kalitta. He used to sell used race car parts to Wayne Bailey too. I remember Wayne would proudly give you a walk-around tour of his car and he would name where he got every part from, when he got it, how many runs it has on it and how much he paid for each individual piece. LOL Dicko and Kalitta were his top "suppliers" hahahaha
One of the "ELITE" fuel tuners in the business, Rest In Peace Mr. LaHaie! Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family!
In Epping 1994, at a match race, Chuck Etchells v. Tom Hoover. Etchells just blew the tires off during a test run the day before the event. Tim Richards was having issues with the car for a few weeks. I was talking to him about it when someone came up and said he had a call. He excused himself, hopped on the golf cart and left. About 20 minutes later he came back shaking his head, pulled the crew in the hauler and when they came out the clutch can was taken out and brought inside. Half hour later out comes the can and back on the car. They towed up and blistered a 5.3 something at a high 280. Now I’m curious what the heck he found...I caught him after they were done and he said, “Old Dicko got me straightened out”. The call was from LaHaie and he told him what should be changed...a couple weeks later they ran the first 4.
Rest In Peace Dick!


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:( He was, is, and always will be, my favorite drag racer of all time. The way he conducted himself, his work ethic, how he raced, I respect him so much.
This was a tough one. :(