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RIP Dick LaHaie (1 Viewer)


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Just read that Dick has passed away. One of the sports greats, both as a driver and tuner. Rest easy Mr. LaHaie


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Living in Michigan he was one of my home town teams to root for, sorry to hear this.


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Just saw this. Arguably one of the best at doing more with less as a team owner/driver and that carried over to his crew chief days.
Very sad to hear of his passing. Rest In Peace Dick and our condolences go out to his family and friends.


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I hate to hear of LaHaie’s passing. He always impressed me with the way he carried himself.
And, he was very, very good at his job.
A true giant of the sport.


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Wow....sad to hear that. A great racer/crewchief that did it his way on thin budgets and became a champion
After viewing the coverage of the Presidential Funeral today, this brought me back to our realm.


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Something I read on the web “he showed us all how a fuel motor should really run”. So very true
R.I.P. Dick


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A sincere thank you for the memories! Dick was a no-nonsense, tell it like it is racer. Maybe my all-time favorite, right there with Bob Glidden and Gary Beck.
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As a lifelong Michigander Dick LaHaie was a childhood hero of mine. I've been a lifelong fan. R.I.P. Mr Lahaie. Thank you for the memories...

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