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Complete hypothetical situation.

A guy named Con Rapps just won the Championship driving a Hudson.
Con started his own team. He is keeping the team intact and figures to be a Championship contender for years to come.
Con has not announced what make of car he will drive.
Hudson has announced that they are backing a different new team that they have a relationship with, but could still be with Con.
Con has talked to Edsel, Duesenberg and others who might want to be involved.
No formal announcement, yet.

Con has the Championship to sell.
Con could tell Hudson: "I need X dollars to stay with you." (Remember Hudson already committed $$ to another team)
Con could tell Edsel or Duesenberg: sponsor me for X dollars, and you can tell people "The Champ drives a Edsel!" (Or Duesenberg)

What do you do if you are Con?
What do you do if you are Edsel or Duesenberg?

Strictly hypothetical......
The first thing I would do (Hypothetically) would be to find out which Edsel has the best Aero advantage and see if they would agree to that one. Would it be the
Edsel Citation - Edsel Corsair - Edsel Pacer - Edsel Ranger - Edsel Bermuda - Edsel Villager - Edsel Roundup or the Edsel Comet (concept). If they agreed on the Comet (Concept) I would ask them if I could wear my Face Mask at all times when at the track and NO personal appearances without the Face Mask. Next thing is could you help me get the body through NHRA because I don't know how to make it a 2021 or 2022 at this point.


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Roger, what ya need to do is to go to Ford & tell them to re-name the Ford Ranger as the Edsel Ranger. Then get NHRA to declare a truck legal for F/C or P/S. And away ya go.... :)
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