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Product steadily improving


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While its still not perfect, this product is light years better than the old AudioCast in terms of streaming quality, and they seem to do a much better job of the audio mixing (it is my view that the video feed is the same feed from the SunocoVision so there is nothing to do there). First cars of Vegas on Friday (after a rain delay) was a great mix of the announcer and the engine sound (I guarantee the engine noise was not what part of the local track PA output ... but admittedly I wasn't there .... just in my car enjoying the iPhone piping it into the bluetooth of my car).

Personally, I would probably just as soon not hear the car noises .... I know what they sound like and I'd prefer to hear the announcers clearly, but I do commend leadership for listening to this issue and striking a reasonable mix. I


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People seem to go nuts if All Access goes down for 5 minutes. How about kudos for a great broadcast when they get it right as they did this weekend.
Great Job!


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I agree, im the first to complain about Allaccess but today they scored an A. It was hard to hear on cell phone but put my head phones on and I watched whole race no issues. It was a joy watching sportsman classes.