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so ok i get it lets change to this format keep up with the times i guess. been watching all day and the picture and sound has been great last year we were able to rewind the coverage any time we wanted u just mouse over on the bottom of the box and back up to watch that over again or hey what was that i think i saw right..well now u can not back up any of it cause the progress bar time thing red line on the bottom is gone all together so watch it or miss it. can anybody tell me if this is gonna get fixed or is this the new better way of showing us the races?


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miss that feature as well, hope it gets fixed. I would always run the event on my laptop during the day, even as I had things to do, but would make sure to be back before it ended in the afternoon, and rewind it so I could watch it at my leisure.


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I worked on my phone but not on the computer.
my experience too, but that's about the only benefit of using your phone, lots of basic issues there (telling which day you are logging into, etc.)

feed itself is great, just not ready for prime time delivery
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