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Seeing as Halloween falls on the Vegas 2 weekend this year, I was thinking about going to Vegas 2 instead of the finals in Pomona; because of this, I am looking for recommendations on things like food, lodging, seating, etc; I will have my 10 year old son with me so I am hoping that they do the trick or treating thing in the pits Saturday after qualifying.

1) We usually like sitting near the starting line; what is a good row to sit in so we can see down the track? (For example, in Pomona, if you sit in row 1 you end up with a metal railing in your face so that isn’t a good place to sit there.)
2) Where are some good places to stay (preferably near the track but near the strip isn't out of the question either)? Saving money is good but I will have my kid with me so the Roach Hotel or party central wouldn’t be a good idea; having a refrigerator in the room would be preferable.
3) When do tickets go on sale for Vegas 2? I am guessing shortly after Vegas 1.

Any other recommendations would be very much appreciated.
1. I don't think there is a bad spot in the place to sit. It's great. Also, the stands are not directly parallel to the track, they angle out a bit so there is no need at all to stand.

2. Watch the internet specials like Expedia. We ended up at Hooters last October for $29 Thursday night, then $69 for the other nights. I had a friend get into the Rio for about the same, both found on Expedia. Another place close to the track is the Ramada Speedway inn, which was ok. The Cannery is REAL close to the track, and a lot of teams stay there, not sure on the price, never been there. I've stayed at the Monte Carlo, Stratosphere, Hooters, and the Ramada Raceway Inn, and I don't think I ever spent more then $89 a night, but it all depends what else is going on that weekend. They were all decent places.

3. I don't know when tickets go on sale, but for us, even though we didn't go Thursday, we bought a super week pass and it was $50 cheaper per person then buying Fri, Sat, Sun. seperatly.

Halloween is a good time to go. We had a blast. There are several high dollar contests around for best costume at the clubs. I know for a fact there was a naughty school girl contest at Hard Rock Cafe....:eek:
Dont stay at the Speedway Casino. It's not in the greatest area. It's a place to sleep thats about it. Try the Cannery its 5 miles from the track and alot of teams stay there. There is also an Enterprise rent a car across the street. DO NOT rent a car from the airport you will end up paying a lot more.There is a new place near the track but I cant remember the name.
Definetly buy the weekend package, you'll be able to get the same seatsnext year if you want. Call the track directly 1-800-644-4444 to see when tickets go on sale.
Rows 10-20 would probably be good for you.
If you happen to have a motorhome the parking there is great and cheap.
The closest and best place to stay is the brand new Alliante Station. It also has any kind of food you could possibly like. Probably cost wise competitive with the Cannery. Alliante Station is just a few miles west on 215 (the beltway. 215 west is just over a mile from the track (south on 15 toward Las Vegas) Bob
There is not a bad seat in that house.
I looooove the seating there.
I love the free parking too. It's real close to the entrance.

I stayed at the Californian hotel on Fremont this past Halloween.
It is for Hawaiian people only apparently(I didn't know this).
I think I was the only howlee there!

None the less, it was small, clean, not much gaming, good food options, 2 blocks away from the Fremont st. experience and the cheapest I could find without being in a dump($70 a night).

Really fun time.
See you there.
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There is not a bad seat at the track, unless you're trying to watch from under the grandstand.

We like staying downtown at the Golden Nugget, although Main St. Station is nice and inexpensive and they're connected with the California. Like Paul F said, the California caters alot to Hawaiians but that doesn't mean it's exclusive to them. Four Queens downtown also has nice rooms. If you want to stay on the strip, expect to pay a lot more than staying downtown. We usually end up staying wherever we can get a free room (my wife usually gets them cuz the casinos like her).
The closest and best place to stay is the brand new Alliante Station. It also has any kind of food you could possibly like. Probably cost wise competitive with the Cannery. Alliante Station is just a few miles west on 215 (the beltway. 215 west is just over a mile from the track (south on 15 toward Las Vegas) Bob

You are correct sir, not only that but you have a very cool Thunderbolt.

Here's the deal, the new Alliante Station is as close as you will get, the Cannery is the next closest place that I would recommend to a friend, the Speedway Casino, not so much and not a great area. If you want to stay on the strip or downtown, the sooner you book the room the better the price will be.

LVMS, every race comes with a free Air Show!
Kevin, try going onto the Las Vegas Hilton website and check out their three night weekend packages. You can usually find packages around $149-199 for all three nights. Once you get to the hotel, sign up for the Players Club and you`ll get mailers from the hotel about every other month, no matter how much you gamble. The mailers usually have a $99 three night special! My wife won about $5,500 there a couple years ago and we`ve been comped the last four or so times we`ve gone down there, although we skipped Vegas2 last year. Somehow she got on the Bellagios list and they`re now sending us three night packages for free. Gotta figure with the economy the way it is and with tourism down in Vegas, you should be able to score some sweet deals if you just look a bit.
Bob, I stayed at the Aliante Casino last month for the D7 banquet and I wouldnt go back again. I havent spoke to a person who went that cared for the place. But on the other hand, my wife hit the casino there for 4 grand so it does have one plus.
Mike, can you say why you wouldn't go back?
I was interested in checking that place out, it's brand new.

Question to anyone: why do Vegas hotels not have free wi-fi internet access?
Some even want you to use dial-up. :rolleyes:
Paul, made reservations 2 months ahead of time and get there, sorry the only king/non-smoking room we have is handicap room. How bad could that be? Well, it was great if I wanted to shower from the waist down:D Call the front desk and we end up with a smoking room with 2 queen size beds. Not what I ordered. At check in we were informed that there is a $16 a day charge for use of the gym, internet and a bunch of other bullshyt that I could careless about. Oh. lets not forget the $100 charge that they hit your credit card in case there is any other charges that they might have forgot. But the good news is that if you dont have any of those other charges they'll be glad to refund your credit card within 4 working days! How lucky can I get? FOOD! It sucked, TGIF is a ok place to eat but the buffet as closed on friday night and didnt open till 10 on saturday morning so we go to the orignal house of pancakes and pay $33 for pretty much a run of the mill pancake breakfest. That would be about $15 at the Swing Inn in Temecula(We need to meet there some sunday morning). Most of the other places to eat are mostly over glorfied fast food places but they werent all that bad. On the plus side, the D7 banquet was great and the food at the banquet was probably the best I've had at any D7 banquet in the past 15 years.
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