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Just to add one thing. In almost every case the Crew Chief hires the crew. Just as when a new head coach comes in he usually hires his own staff. The guys who work for AJ/Brian obviously really like working for them as they have followed from team to team. And that goes both ways, the CC has to have confidence that the job is being done right so they can worry about making the right tuning call, not worry about if the compression height is right in every cylinder, or if the #8 clutch lever has the correct weight on it.

But hypothetically if one of them liked working for JFR and wanted to stay they would simply ask if there was a position available with another team, or ask the incoming CC if he had a place for them.

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1. Brittany's crew was leased to Force a part of tuning agreement with Alan Johnson.
2. Alan Johnson informs Force he needs his crew back as he has a sponsor and is going racing in 2019.
3. Force hires entire crew from another team for 2019 for Brittany's car (Grubnic).
4. Sponsor deal falls thru at the last minute for AJR, not racing in 2019.
5. Brittany's "old" crew is leased to Salinas as part of a tuning agreement with AJR for 2019.

Pure speculation on my part, put the pieces kind of fit.
Allegedly. :)


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Looks like a small Monster logo on the left side of the shirt so maybe associate sponsor? And good grief Shaq is a huge man!


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the nhra and nba. an unlikely combo. wonder what the promotion was? don't care much for BB, but shaq and chuck are incredible personalities. both continue to do so much great work
with charitable organizations. would love to meet those guys.


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in the 'Jim O out at Kalitta' thread from sept, 18, 2018, post #31 i typed this. kinda feel like i won PTW or something :D:rolleyes:
.02 guess.....i think mike salinas mite figure into off season changes as well.

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