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Congrats To Mike Salinas! (1 Viewer)


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Watching a small single car team beat all the big dogs is always neat to see. Especially so when they pick up their first win.
Nothing against the big teams. But, who doesn’t like rooting for the underdog?
It was great seeing Mike Salinas get his first win. Very humble guy. I recommend anyone stop at his trailer - he runs one of the most immaculate operations out there.


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Is he a "hobby racer?"
i've liked mike's approach to racing. from watching him get his feet wet for a few races over a period of years (and doing it with A+ equipment), to now tackling the full tour, and
jumping in and hiring his current crew when the opportunity arose. sounds to me like he stood on the fence and was in awe of nitro cars as a youth, much like most of us, but he
has now made it happen for real. for himself and his family. i am happy for his success.


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oh, sorry mark, guess i really didn't answer your question, 'is he a hobby racer'......yes he is according to mr. smith.......'just a big businessman out there having fun'
larry, yes the WFO interview with mike was tremendous. great interview joe.
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