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bad broadcast today


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All Access dropping in and out both video and audio. Also NO live timing for last 2 hours. I may have to get a real life and find a new interest to pursue.


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Was thinking it was only me. Major issues today. WTF? Not on my end. Have checked everything. Was logged in on Mozilla, logged out and tried to log in on Chrome. When the authentication box shows up without which method to log in or place for your password. Losin' my s_hit!


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As Paul said, we had an extended internet outage with AT&T service to the track. It should be clear now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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thanks warren and paul for info on problem. it seems pretty much fixed now. cannot wait for driverless cars, that should work well.
Fridays was mainly out the LH Channel. It's an exclusive NHRA Codec, don't try to figure it out.

Everytime "Al" MR Excitable got the mic then at the start of the Quali sessions, then back to the announcers, the audio got munted.