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YouTube Video on Kalitta Air (1 Viewer)


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A Kalitta plane flies over my house almost every day, either landing or taking off.
Great video and I admire his success story.


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They have done so much for our country. They were the ones that went to China when this first started. Have done lotsa stuff with the military.


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if any of you have flightradar24 or flightaware either on computers or phone, look at nite for the heavy planes. there's a lot always flying regardless of pandemic, but rite now it seems
the skies are even more full of heavy cargo carriers. this last week KLM retired their last commercial 747, and American Airlines retired their last 747 and 767's. guessing these planes, if
build date is not too old, will be snatched up by the cargo carriers. noticed kalitta now has (3) 777's, formerly emirates skycargo, so they can't be too old?
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