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I think I joined in late 2004, shortly after the 50th US Nationals. PJ, I like to think Mikayla considers me one of those "racing uncles", LOL. I'm not as active on here as I used to be, but the close friendships I've developed with some folks on here mean so much to me. I had been going to one event a year (Brainerd) for years, then went to another event (Indy) for the first time in 1996. Really started attending mater meetings back in 2007. Joe Sherwood was the first one I met at the Vegas fall race 2007. Met Chris Cook, Greg Rice, Tom Burgess, and a bunch of others at that event. Then the flood gates opened for attending races. Went to 8 races in 2008, mostly with Greg Rice, but always hanging out with anyone else who was there...Joe, Chris Cook, John Rogers, PJ, Big Zappy, Paul Rogers, just to name a few. Been to Indy nearly every year since 2007, but last year I wasn't going to attend. The Wednesday before Indy at 4pm, I was calling NHRA to see if I could get a ticket. Yeah, I wanted to see some racing, but it was more about seeing and hanging out with PJ and his daughter, John Rogers, and Greg Rice. Love these people!
I think I joined in about 2002 or 2003... heard about the site from Bob Unkefer, if memory serves. The great Mater reset was in 2006 and that’s what my join date currently shows. Met so many great folks because of this site it’d be hard to name them all but Mark hits a bunch of them here. Even though I don’t get to attend races much anymore I still keep up with several of you nutbags. 😁


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if the reset was '06 (that is what my deal shows too), when did this site originate? 1998-99? guess i was thinking i had been on it longer than '06 too.


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I think one of my favorite memories of this site involves him, a certain kind of adhesive that shall not be mentioned, and a the wing of a running top fuel car.
You have to wonder how he talked Virgil into that one. Lol
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