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Is lowering safety rules in a class that seems to have the history of, NOT if but when and how bad your crash will be. A good move?
Most of the safety changes were from the single incident involving Erica Enders several years ago. While I do not know the exact details of what was changed, the changes that were made prior to the start of the 2020 season cost racers around 30K and added about 120 pounds or so of weight due to the changes. Quite a few of the racers from other series that NHRA was hoping to attract didn’t want to permanently add the weight to their car that would hurt them when running the other pro mod sanctioning bodies. Most of the current NHRA Pro Mod racers thought the rules were excessive and was pushing for NHRA to make modifications to the rules. They were asking for a temporary waiver that would allow other racers to come race up to three times a year without making the necessary changes to run the whole tour. I do not know if they have rescinded the rules are just allowing the racers to sign a waiver to race several events a year.
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