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Bob K.

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NHRA shouldn't have to punish him. Capco should have been all over that within 10 minutes of it happening.
I'll bet Mama K. gave him a talking to. Unless she saw the fact that after they shook hands, the kid laughed at him and said something. Steve could have messed him up. He's in shape
No fat on Steve just Texas mean! (I wanted Doug Kallita to win though)


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I was streaming the Bengals game yesterday on my iPad and the stream I was using has a chat section to talk about the game real time. The stream had a couple thousand people and the chat blew up for about an hour about this, someone posted a link to it on Faceboook and people who have never even watched an NHRA race were talking about it. Needless to say little to none was positive and really gave the sport a black eye to those people. People were referencing it to a more redneck version of Nascrap and talking about how they would never watch anything NHRA.
Steve you just said they had never even watched an Nhra race, so I doubt they would have been planning on watching the Winternationals next year. But, knowing how people can be very curious and love drama " reality shows" I would not be a bit surprised if some of them tuned in for the Winternationals next year just to see what they were missing all along...and bingo they may like what they see and decide to hang around for a while. Remember talk is cheap and just because they said one thing doesn't mean they can't do something else. Hell, the Steve and Cameron drama has already brought more posts to this forum then I have saw in a long time. As far as your mom and dads deal I think there is more to the story or at least I hope there is. I sure wouldn't want to think they would shut everything down just because of that little incident.
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Luke, I'm just curious what does baseball promoters do to give baseball more interaction for fans? I live a couple miles from Anaheim stadium and I have been to 1 game in the past 30 years. Now Monster Supercross is a different story...I'm there for Anaheim 1 and Anaheim 2 every year. :)
Baseball is about as exciting as watching a bunch of dudes play golf while waiting for paint to dry.

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