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About 15 years ago, Bob had their Uyehara TAD for sale on RJ I think. I called him about the car, and other things that came up and asked if he could send me some photos. He said sure, and that he only had one set of 7 photos and asked if I could send them back after I had looked at them. Absolutely I told him.

I had 2 sets of copies made and immediately sent them back along with the extra copy and 2 one hundred dollar bills for his time, kindness, and insight.

Unbeknownst to me, he had a meeting with a potential sponsor, and was wondering how he was going to recoup the dinner cost from the previous night. Hoping the sponsorship worked out. The next day, he got those pictures back with that simple 200. He immediately got on the phone and thanked me and was so appreciative and blown away by a simple courtesy, that ended up covering their $175 dinner meeting. Including gas, he noted. For the vehicle I assumed. I told him it looks like he already banked $25 in sponsorship. A reason he called it. A simple thank you on my end. I continue to follow Bob and Josh's adventures and was happy to see them out with that same car again, before switching to TAFC several years ago.

When I saw this yesterday, I was sure saddened. You hate to see this for anyone. I just wanted to recount a story of an interaction with a true gentleman who has never wavered once. Even today.

After seeing the only thing that remained of an entire operation, and lifetime of dedication and devotion. The helmet top is so far beyond Mother Teresa on toast stuff.
There is no way you can explain any of that. There is a reason Bob will say.

I hope they can come back from this, and continue spreading the word, while racing as a Father and Son's team together.

The insurance deal is a real kick to the bean bag.

Those pictures of ash are beyond belief. Yet they want to rise and continue. There is a reason Bob
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While reading about how he thought that the tow car caused the fire because of a rear mounted battery, I thought, tow car, rear battery....a Chevy HHR has that. I daily drive one. I saw the burned out car in the pics and yup, Chevy HHR. Now I have to check mine to make sure the battery hasn't come loose, as I have needed rear shocks for some time. Put me down as grateful for the story and hopeful that they rise again to race.
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