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With Sunoco being the official fuel of the NHRA, who is supplying nitromethane to the fuel teams? I don't think Sunono makes nitromethane, so I'm guessing it is still VP. I don't have a copy of the rules, which would state who the official supplier is.
I thought the Chinese mitro was a different supplier again isn't that what Don Schumacher got in trouble for having.
Given what the Chinese have done with the food, pet treats, and lead in products they supply to America, I wonder if the indicator they put in the nitromethane (that turns blue when the nitro is unstable) actually works. I am not basing this on prejudice as I know and like lots of Chinese people, but on fact.
"I know and like lots of Chinese people, but...."

That's like prefacing a comment with "I have lots of black friends, but..."

All I know is it still pops the same, and things still haul ass with it...

Chris Cook has the ticket...doesn't really matter. When it's fuel, it's all branding. It's usually the same fuel, just with different additives to say it's "Shell" etc. They'll just take whatever they can get, and stick a Sunoco sticker on it.

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I believe it all comes from China
All Nitro for Drag Racing comes from China - there are several manufacturers,
the suppliers in the States buy from whoever has the best price... Quality control can be a problem...
Wego Chemical owns part interest in a chemical plant in China , and they sell Nitro for racing in the US...
The only Nitro made in the USA is from Angus (a Dow company) ,they stopped selling it for racing because of Homeland security, plus the Oklahoma deal and the theft in France...
how does importing nitro in a plain looking can from China help with Homeland Security???

Please tell me that at least the heart medication is still made here in the US.....
Hopefully VP doesn't screw it up like they did a few years ago and cause an artificial shortage.
........Homeland Security...heart medication is still made here.....
Angus felt that there was too much liability with the Drag Racing market after the new HLS regulations were published ... Especially after the sale at Dallas for the Oklahoma deal...

Yes - the fine chemical (99.98%) is made by Angus - racing was only around five percent of their Nitroparaffin sales...
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